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In His eyes

I am just so amazed at the grace and mercy of God in my life. I am so amazed at how He continues to make himself known to me; how He allows me to experience him in an overwhelming way. Sometimes it just gets too much for me that I really have to tell him to stop! It's just amazing.

Yesterday proved to be a test of faith for me. As I posted already yesterday, I was pitted against the wall of pride, anger and hurt, tempting me to respond negatively. But thanks be to God who always lead me into triumph through His son Jesus Christ. we are more than conquerors in Christ Jesus, our commander in chief. The fruit of the Spirit is quite in bloom in my life right now and I am so happy that my walk with God is really bearing much fruit.

I also want to praise God for teaching me how to pray; to pray without ceasing; to pray in faith; and to pray in the spirit.

I praise God that He has taught me how to have a prayerful attitude. I learned that in whatever we do, we could be in prayer. This post itself is a prayer. A prayer of adoration and thanksgiving to God for his mighty deeds in my life. A confession of who I am and who He is. A plead to God in behalf of his children and those who dare not speak and can't speak of their faith for now. A prayer that God will bless each and everyone who reads my thoughts; my thoughts that I so carefully align according to the will of God, according to His word and according to the faith He has given me. This is my prayer and I believe, according to His word, I have already received what I asked for, in Jesus' name.

My devotion this morning brought me to study about how we ought to see other people; how we ought to respond to them and how to esteem them.

God constantly reminds me that I have been set free from the law of sin and death; and that I should not use my freedom: of thoughts, of words, of actions, of judgment; to fulfill the desires of my flesh. But that I should be of service to all in love, ungrudging; be concerned for my brother genuinely; to love others as I love myself (Gal 5:13-14).

God also taught me that I should make a conscious effort to do good to others. believe me being good to others is not as easy as it sound. It doesn't mean that not doing bad to others is doing good. Not speaking for what is right; listening to negative things said by others about other people; not standing for what is true and turning a blind eye to things just because it doesn't concern you, is not doing good. Apathy and indifference is minding our business in a wrong way. "Let us think about each other and help each other to show love and do good deeds. (Heb 10:24)

God also reminded me to be submissive, especially to leaders and authorities. This is quite a challenge especially when you have a boss that is as impatient as a child who wants a new toy. I praise God that I am truly a new creation. the old me that used to be really upset and retaliate easily at these situations is now under grace; restrained and in check. I praise God for giving me a humble and submissive spirit as a true Christian should be. (1Pet 5:5)

Borrowing from the words of one of my fave authors, Max Lucado, he says that God sees us with the eyes of a Father. and like our earthly fathers, though they see our disobedience, our hardheadedness, our preferences that will break any father's heart that desires only good things for their children; despite all this, like our earthly fathers, God still loves us and sees our value beyond our iniquities.

God, the Father, sees the treasure in us human beings. Yet while we were still sinners He gave his son Jesus to die for us on the cross of Calvary. Why? So that God could save us from eternal damnation? Yes, but there is more to it; more than what our human minds can rationalize; more than what our frail eyes can see. God the father sees a treasure in us like he sees a ruby in the clutter of the whole Payatas dump site. we are important to him, of great value that is to be treasured. Inspite of our short comings and mistakes; despite our human nature, we, his children, are a source of Joy to the father and never a source of stress.

I just pray that we really allow God to speak to us through His word and not interpret it according to our own knowledge, because doing so wouldn't really be beneficial to us as we would not be able to fully receive the great power of His word.

I pray, my friend, that God will enlighten our minds. I pray that we will see ourselves, our brothers and sisters, even our enemies through the gracious and merciful eyes of God.

You are blessed.

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Adoration prayer, indeed!

"From the first principle."

Thank you AC Justiniano for your blessed wisdom that you share.

This is so beautiful and full of holiness.

Catherine Nagle