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Red Room's first book for its staff book club was Wicked Plants: The Weed That Killed Lincoln's Mother & Other Botanical Atrocities by Amy Stewart and I absolutely loved it. It was a pleasure to read this book. There was so much fun information in the book and the presentation of it was...
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I'm joining all of the Red Room community in writing a short blog post on this week's topic: "What are your obsessions? Your passions? Your fixations?" This topic comes to us from Red Room Author Joyce Maynard; it's an exercise she does before writing a new book, in order to see what it's...
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Disturbed Bird
While walking to work the last couple of days a completely insane bird has repeatedly swooped down on me as I crossed the street in front of my house. I was able to get a picture of the offending bird, which I'm including with this blog, and plan to forward to the bird police. Look at the bird, you...
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This is very exciting. The fact that this blog is posted on redroom.com means that users can now upload blogs simply by sending an email to redroom.com. I hope our users will take full advantage of this easy and powerful way to communicate with their readers. This feature is a way for all our users...
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Reading the newspaper early in the morning is a way for me to awaken my imagination, connect in some small way with the rest of the world and sometimes to find small pieces of inspiration. This morning, as is true most mornings, I got up and read the New York Times on my phone. The small type and...
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Today I had a meeting with Joel Kimmel, who I've rowed with at the Marin Rowing Association for years. Before a couple of weeks ago I didn't know exactly what he did for a living or that much about him. I've chatted with him many times on the water or in the boathouse about rowing but don't really...
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Children Using a Computer at the Library of Congress
I've had an amazing and inspirational week so far. This week started with a visit to Washington D.C. to attend the Center for the Book in the Library of Congress Partners Meeting and as I'm writing I'm in the middle of the GTD Summit. We also had meetings with potential partners who we can’t wait...
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Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
Yesterday, I saw heroic environmental activist, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.,speak before a group of NRDC supporters in San Francisco. The evening started with a documentary narrated by Red Room Author Peter Coyote. The video was moving and poignant and made me want to donate immediately. It’s amazing...
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Red-tailed Hawk
As some of you know, Red Room's office is in a beautiful red Victorian in Hayes Valley in San Francisco. As we work to build redroom.com, we are really lucky because we have a view of a beautiful garden the landlords built where there used to be an unofficial garbage dump. Yesterday, as I was...
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Victorian Facade in San Francisco
A couple of Sundays ago I took a bike ride around San Francisco and was both moved and disappointed by what I saw. San Francisco is certainly a city that contains multitudes. One of the things that I was disappointed by was that a couple of blocks from my house I noticed that the façade of a lovely...
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Young Artists at Work
Today I was inspired by an example of the spreading of creative energy and activity that I witnessed on Hayes Street in front of the local convenience store. Two kids who were probably six and ten years old were sitting on the sidewalk in front of their parents' store painting whimsical and...
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This is my first blog. Perhaps I should have waited until something more significant happened to me, but one has to start somewhere. Across the street from our office, I noticed a decommissioned police car  that read across the back: "UFO RESPONSE TEAM." I asked our engineering team which...
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