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Art Is Powerful And Contagious
Young Artists at Work

Today I was inspired by an example of the spreading of creative energy and activity that I witnessed on Hayes Street in front of the local convenience store. Two kids who were probably six and ten years old were sitting on the sidewalk in front of their parents' store painting whimsical and inspiring pictures on plywood in exactly the same way that they had seen another artist working on the same street a couple of days earlier. I took a couple of pictures of them and their work with my cell phone and walked back to the office thinking how wonderful it was that they had copied other street artists.

We here at redroom.com know that the participation of the great community on the site is a force for positive change in the world. Every time that someone visits the site and sees the creativity and passion that our users have shared with the world by posting on the site there is a chance that the visitor will be inspired to share with others and to create art and add to the discussion of culture, current event and politics.

My parents took me to museums and concerts and made sure that I had a good idea about what it took to make the art that we were seeing. One of my favorite pictures from my youth is a picture of me on my grandparents' piano that was taken when I was four or five singing at the top of my lungs while my mother played piano and my father played recorder and sang. This was how we spent many nights when I was growing up. My parents and I still sing around the piano, and now that I'm married my wife and her parents have joined in and sing with us, too.

Seeing other artists create is a great way to get people to take the chance to create art in all its forms and to get through the fear that many people have about how others will react to that art. I encourage everyone on redroom.com to continue sharing all of their wonderful creativity with the knowledge that what you're doing is making a difference and is changing lives.

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What a nice compliment!
Singing around the piano is a joy.

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Children and art

Hello Abraham,

 I love this blog posting. Unfortunately, I did not have a piano in the house growing up, but I loved making art. Thank goodness, my mother knew the learning was in the mess. I remember making some sort of plastic vases, whose fumes killed all the plants in the house and made me a little woozy, too. She promptly turned my terraium for plants into a display case for sea shells.

I made lots of less destructive art projects like cutout snowflakes, paint butterflies, and and drawings that I was allowed to decorate my room and the house with. Mom always bought real artists' colored pencils, pastels, and paint for me. I loved making things like the young boys in your photo. It's nice to be reminded that creating things is really fun.

 I feel like buying some sidewalk chalk now! Best, Ruth