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‘ You have tried to find me in little triangles of space, from where I breathe fire into your wants. All along you tried to see what kind of flattened square I made, not knowing that I am all that is stable like the earth you stand on.

You never wanted me to be a circle around you but you tried to hold me in a circular space, this water that flows like fluid through your life, constantly changing and cooling.

This air you breathe in, this crescent moon that shines upon you, filling you with desire is none other than me, I envelope you in my blue comfort.

And that space, that pointed flame that you move up to acquire and grasp, is the void in which you find yourself in your attempts to peak with me.

I am all this and more, all the elements that make you. I am woman, and without me you do not belong.

Begin to acknowledge this and embrace all of me, the complete me, not just the triangle of fire or the coolness of water or the stillness of space, but all that I am.

I am not either or. I am not either earth or fire, either  air or water. I am all.

In me there is you.’