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Visionary Vibes Comes to Red Room
It has long been said that "true journey is return," and after reading The American Poet Who Went Home Again, one may also be inclined to say: so is true knowledge.
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Visionary Vibes started out as a somewhat bold experimental column published in the Creative Loafing weekly entertainment news magazine during the mid 1990s.  It has since made appearances on in a number of publications and on such web sites as AuthorsDen, Blogit, and Bright Skylark Literary Productions. Its purpose was to explore the different ways that people employ various forms of culture and spirituality in their daily lives. As you might imagine, that provided quite a lot of territory to cover, dealing with everything from dreams and sexuality to literature and psychic detectives.

Here at Red Room I am presenting what I hope are some of the best from the column along with a few new pieces. I kicked things off with Letters from the Soul, which now include the following three installments:

Letters from the Soul Number One

Letters from the Soul Number Two

Letters from the Soul Number Three

Instead of going into details about the nature of these letters between two writers at challenging times in their lives and the various individuals involved, please allow me to invite you to make that discovery for yourselves by clicking the above links.


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Those letters are a

Those letters are a beautiful exchange of two souls. They reminded me of Quando voltei, tive uma surpresa (When I came back, I was surprised) that Brazilian author Joel Rufino dos Santos wrote to his then 8 year-old-son, during the period that he (Joel) was a political prisoner of the military regime.

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Thanks Luciana. I'm not

Thanks Luciana. I'm not familiar with Joel Rufino dos Santos but now that you've compared Letters from the Soul to some of his work I will have to look it up.

author of The American Poet Who Went Home Again and Encyclopedia of the Harlem Renaissance (Facts on File)