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How Poets and Words Burn Truth into Love
How Poets and Words Burn Truth into Love

The idea of 100 thousand poets gathering at different locales across the planet to present themselves as agents for positive change has intrigued and inspired me ever since I first learned about it two months ago. The worldwide event is scheduled to kick off September 24 and representatives in some 90 countries, or more, are expected to participate.

Some, like me, probably wouldn't mind doing a bit of globe-trotting on that special day and checking out the festivities-with-a-purpose on a few different continents. But since that is unlikely and impractical (for me anyway) my border-crossing contribution to the event’s coordinators is the poem How Poets and Words Burn Truth into Love.  After restricting my pen mostly to editing and journalism this past year it felt good to go with a different kind of flow this time around.

Please allow me to invite you to read the poem at this url: http://www.authorsden.com/visit/viewPoetry.asp?id=298075&AuthorID=25279