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Countdown of 10 Amazing Moments from the Year 2011 Begins this Week
Thrill yourself with a paranormal holiday adventure.

State of Black America by the National Urban League


Just as the previous two annual countdowns from the National African American Art Examiner contained people and events some found debatable, this one for the year 2011 is likely to do the same. The point, however, remains unchanged: to highlight known as well as largely ignored moments that have added significantly to contemporary ongoing African-American culture and history, and thereby adding the same to current American and world history in general.

At one end of the continuum known as history are first-time events that have generated notable measures of public recognition due to either a positive or negative impact.  At the other end of the spectrum are individuals, organizations, and occurrences which have earned acknowledgment due to their enduring longevity and lasting influence upon humanity. This countdown list includes both and will be presented in ten separate posts starting Wednesday, December 14.

About Job Creation

As the calendar flipped forward from the year 2010 to 2011, the theme for the year for most citizens of the United States was set with National Urban League President Marc H. Morial’s observation that, “Everything that we do in this nation ought to be about job creation.”

History, however, determined otherwise as the United States became caught up in the sweep of Arab Spring 2011 even as it brought to conclusion the nine-year war in Iraq. Moreover, catastrophes such as the Japanese nuclear disaster also impacted on the country and the economic crisis that continues to rock the global economy spawned the Occupy Wall Street movement.  African Americans were no less affected by these issues than anyone else and in some cases much more so. 

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Countdown of 10 Amazing Moments from the Year 2011

by Aberjhani