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Love At First Night

Most people when asked would claim that it is not ideal to go all the way on a first night of hooking up with someone. I wonder what happened to our imaginations. Where is the sparkle of a srarry night? I do nto see anything wrong in going all the way when I am with someone I like and there are sparks flying and chemistry in the bloods. I mean, what is the big deal in having a night to remember when all there is to it is just to make the night last for as long as those involved are happy.

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Nothing wrong....

There isn't anything wrong if both parties involved are up for it. I think there are a lot more people that actually partake in one night stands than those who actually admit to it. Everything obviously depends on the individual and their own personal beliefs about sex and intimacy. What also could be a contributing factor is what a person is looking for relationship wise. I can only give a man's perpective, and I do think that a man would take a woman a lot less seriously in regards to pursuing a committed relationship or developing anything more of substance. Which would be great for those who are not looking for anything other then the physical act but less "ideal" for those who don't want to end up just a bed buddy.

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That is the thing. Why can I

That is the thing. Why can I not fall in love at first night or express that I felt something when I first saw you to guy when I actually did without having to lie about it and then talk about it weeks later. That is just not right.