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"What are your obsessions? Your passions? Your fixations?"

If anyone of us makes a deep perusal of the history of his family,he finds that he does nothing but perpetuates their obsessions,their passions and their fixations.

Man survives  through his offspring, and often people perpetuate the flaws of their forefathers and their dreams as well. 

My obsessions,my passions and my fixations are my parents'problems they charged me implicitly to solve as they were not able to do it during their lifetime.Maybe I will succeed and if not,I will implicitly demise this to my children.

The combat goes on. 

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Yours is the same as mine

so I will skip writing about my obsessions. I feel like a voyeur, reading everyone else's, but not really divulging mine.  I must say, what's different about my need to to bring justice to my ancestral past is that with the finishing of my trilogy, I am done.  I will relieve myself of the burden and obsession of righting the past.  My ancestral ghosts are appeased, my parents are happy.  Now I live for Belle.

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Hi Belle

Thanks for your comment.By the way,do you know that "belle"means in French :Beautiful or smart?

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I wonder if yours and mine

mirror one another, because we come from developing countries, whose dreams were ravaged by the conquoring West.  Dunno.

Yes, I know the meaning, but only when I was much older.  My parents picked the name, because it was almost a palindrome for a girl who spoke no English.  Smart, I've never heard of.  I'd rather be smart than beautiful any ol' day.

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You Have succeeded...

by Being the change!:-)


By the way, "belle" in Italian means beautiful.

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Who am I?

Who am I? Who were my forefathers? How and when did my great, great,  grandfather, our forefathers acquire the family name being used now? What was the family name centuries, many centuries ago? Were we Hindus, Muslims or Christians? Were we the subjects? Were we the displaced rulers? Were we the rulers? Were we the masters or were we the servants? These and many other questions keep cropping up. In the absence of a family tree or access to historical records, these questions really can't be answered.

My second novel, "Revenge of the Naked Princess," is a story on the dark age of forced religious conversions in India in the 16th century. Though based on research, it's obviously a fictitious account, peppered with paranormal elements. But who knows, the book may have come from the subconscious recesses of my mind.

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I don't think that's true

in my family's case, since I've veered from what many of them did or were concerned with. But it's a great question because it certainly makes you think about it. And your family.

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Thanks for taking part in the debate Steve.

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I love Redroom for all your voices

in far flung places. This is truly one of the best if not THE BEST web community for writers.

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It is people like you,steve,Catherine,oswald and many others that heighten the quality of writing and ideas on RR.
Thanks for sharing.

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I can't resist.

I'm one of those blank-blank Westerners. Please forgive us. The odd thing about Americans is we are all immigrants. We are undisciplined, bigoted and fractious. I am two generations from a family of Austrians who were draft doggers. On the other side are Germans who wanted religious freedom.

Social continuity is important and Americans won't have it any time soon.

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Social continuity

Social continuity ,a very good concept to be studied closely.Thanks Carole

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The Greater the scar, the Bigger the star...

Is what SOARS for those with passion; obsessed with the powerful spirit of the soul's longing whose eyes stay fixed on the star- that is calling us to heal, love, forgive, and find peace and joy for the whole (Holy) family...

BELIEVE IT WILL. There is no other way:-)


Catherine Nagle

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Carole, I don't think

any of descendents from the East would call you a blank-blank anything. I find it disturbing when China goes back to the Opium Wars of nearly 200 years past and blame it on the living--it's a form of rabble rousing and ugly Nationalism when the gov. cannot give what the people really want: voice! I love knowing who my ancestors are. My being able to to to back 8 generations is my father's gift to me. I know my great grandfather's environment. I know the Japanese and the Chinese Communists were social forces that expelled my family from the land they worked hard to acquire. If you know the past, you know how you've become who you are today. I know just how I became an American if I follow the thread of upheaval in history. When I visit schools, I urge the children to start asking questions of their parents and grandparents, before the stories disappear.

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Great Debate

I think that the whole idea of us dealing with the fruits of our ancestors in an extremely meaty concept, full of the rich, painful and visceral stuff that writers (and all artists) are made of. Whether your family's path has been the oppressed or the oppresser, there is a wealth of emotion and experience to draw from. I think in many cases, we find that our histories are too intertwined and delicate to be wholly one thing. I think that as writers we are all prone to obsession, passion and fixation, otherwise we would never have the drive to bring all our scars to the surface.

Whether you write fiction, poetry or biography, you will always leave a part of yourself with the reader. We are linked by this need to open ourselves up with each sentence and share our little slice of reality with our readers.

That, I think somes up my own obsession. There is no way I could not write, it would be like trying to purposely stop breathing.

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Hi Amber

Very deep insight.Thank you.

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I think one cannot hang on

I think one cannot hang on with obsessions and fixations, it hinders progressive thought. Passion definitely triggers, but one has to move on to greater heights.

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Passion definitely triggers...

but one has to move on to greater heights.   YES, I agree Sumathi.

There is no other way for the war to end, other than to instill the power of  righting the wrong, regardless of our past history.



Catherine Nagle

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Hi Cathy

Like the eagle.Thanks for sharing

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The blood that runs in a

The blood that runs in a family is a strange thing.

I moved away from where I was born when I was eight. I returned 20 years later with my husband and son because I wanted to reconnect with my family and I wanted my son to know from where I came.

Reuniting with aunts, uncles, and cousins I'd not seen in years was interesting. It was as if no time had passed. I have very affectionate relatives on both my mother and father's side.

My husband and son could immediately see the family connection in mannerisms, voice, and behavior. There were even connections in our view on matters though I'd not been raised around my people.

~ JoElle


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That is

That's what we call "resourcing".Thanks for sharing.