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Some time ago,my friend at RR, Sumathi Mohan ,wrote a blog about plastic bags and their effect on soil.She also initiated what she calls "a silent revolution" which  is:

"we say no to plastic ; silently or  noisily 

I return the plastic bag to the shop keeper and tell him about my promise.

 Make a promise  unto self and educate others...

'Say no to Plastic' !!!

So she gave me the idea of making a video tackling this issue.By a coincidence,the film happens to be running now for an international contest.So you can watch the filmat:


and vote for it at:


Thanks to Sumathi Mohan for inspiring me this video. 

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I have voted your video Al

I have voted your video Al Wahab.

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Thanks Jitu.

Hi friend.How are you doing.Hope all is well with you.

It's always nice to hear from you.


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I am fine, busy treating flu

I am fine. Busy,treating flu patients in my clinic.

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Noble task ,Jitu.

Noble task ,Jitu.

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Oh my God! What an honour! XXXX

I am speechlesssssssssssssssssssss! God! thank you for giving me such a wonderful friend, for I bow to thee my friend.

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Nice work with this. I

Nice work with this. I registered and voted for you at the International Exchange website.

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Thanks David.

Thanks for encouraging me. Coming from someone like you,means a lot for me.

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Good luck with this. I voted

Good luck with this. I voted yesterday. This morning while I was eating my breakfast at McDonalds, I was imaginging your clip being sent to leaders that can help. It seems also short enough to be turned into a commercial??

I also feel guilty though because I have a collection of plastic bags, but there are places setup at different Safeways and other shopping centers that have a place to deposit them, so that they are supposedly properly disposed of. I also have reusable bags that I should start using more. But what about disposing of trash. Do you use paper for that? Even with recyling, there is a certain amount of trash.

Thanks to you and Sumathi for making sure we don't forget to do our part!

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Thanks Rebb for joining the "Silent Rev".It makes me happy to know that my work could be useful.

If we join our efforts to make this world a better place,it will make a huge difference. 

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To a new beginning....

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Thanks Suma.

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I voted.

Yes. Anyone seeing the video will get the message.

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Hi Carole

Thanks for your support.

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Voted! (for you, of course

Voted! (for you, of course :-D )