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The Making of a nation

In a previous blog (The missed opportunity) I said this about the USA:


But the USA, in many respects, was, and still represents a hope and a model for the human kind. Its people have reached the best in many areas of what humanity has succeeded to achieve up till now. The USA's principles, its history, position, advancement in all fields, their political system considered as one of the best that the humankind has built up, their endless love for freedom, impose them moral handrails in their actions.

I hope this would not be another missed opportunity, too. For the sake of America, for our sake, for the sake of the world."

I would add now,that the USA has reached an unprecedented level of maturity after the late elections to a point where everything positive becomes possible.They have succeeded in making an incredible synthesis of the particularities of their population. Being American is no longer a matter of colour,ethnicity or just being a part of this "Melting Pot" but in holding a new ideal. A largely moral one.

The wind of hope surely blows this time from Washington because there will not be or could not be,for the expecting world,another missed opportunity.

No doubt,the world is becoming a better place to live in again.

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Inshallah.Thank you for saying it in Arabic.