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Favorite Books

"Damascus Gate" by Robert Stone "Outerbridge Reach" by Robert Stone The Valis Trilogy by Philip K. Dick "Reflections In A Golden Eye" by Carson McCullers "We Have Always Lived In The Castle" by Shirley Jackson "The Child In Time" by Ian McEwan "Bonfire Of The Vanities" by Tom Wolfe "Tough Guys Don't Dance" by Norman Mailer "Ficciones" by Jorge Luis Borges "Midnight Mass" by Paul Bowles "The Name Of The Rose" by Umberto Eco

What I'm Reading

"Pan" by Knut Hamsun,  "Spook Country" by William Gibson, "The White People" by Arthur Machen, "The Quantum Enigma."

Favorite Authors

Paul Bowles, Robert Stone, Graham Joyce, John Crowley, Jorge Luis Borges, Philip K. Dick, Carson McCullers, Shirley Jackson, Sam Shephard, Ian McEwan, Tom Wolfe, Norman Mailer


Robert Stone, Jorge Luis Borges, Philip K. Dick, John Fowles, Raymond Chandler, Tom Wolfe, John Crowley, Neil Gaiman, Mircae Eliade, Graham Joyce, Carson McCullers, Shirley Jackson, Elaine Pagels

A.W. Hill’s Bookmarks