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Tradition with a touch of Revolution

Hello, All!

I hope everyone is having a great day and a delightful start to their week! :)  I have been busy working, both on promoting "A Convoluted Tale" and with editing my second novel, which I hope will be finished and published within the next month or so.  This whole process is something I am undertaking myself, as a self-published author, and I am finding myself often swinging between being overwhelmed with self publishing and enjoying every moment.  One of the things I find most interesting as I do research and chose pathways of marketing and writing, is the changing face of publishing, writing, and even reading itself.  I can see the literary world undergoing a type of revolution, but one that not only includes, but truly embraces the tradition that made it what it is.

Tradition publishing and publishers are amazing.  I have to say, I would love at any point to be picked up by one!  I am in constant awe of the process books go through with traditional publishers.  There is of course the writing, but also the editing, the marketing, the resources available to the book and the audiences it reaches.  The avenues the work itself is taken on are breathtaking and fabulous, from book tours to meet and greets, and I'm sure the readers don't even begin to imagine all of the tremendous work that goes into the final product. In addition, I have heard many people discuss how when it comes to having a book in the hand versus an eBook they will pick the physical book every time, which of course gives an added benefit to traditional publishers who can afford to print books in large quantities. I do realize, however, that it is hard to be picked up by a traditional publisher and that very quickly room is becoming available for different options when it comes to publishing, options, which obviously, I partake in.

I choose to self publish because going the traditional route was not seeming to yield any results.  I was excited, and believe, in my work and decided to publish it myself as an eBook.  It was a fairly easy process, both Amazon and lulu.com, which were who I went through, had step by step procedures that enabled things to run fairly smoothly, with only a few bumps in the road.  It's a bit intimidating to be working my own marketing and to try juggling marketing and writing new books at the same time, but I have to say I love every minute.  I am proud to be a part of this revolution of self publishers and even more so of publishing eBooks.  I am excited about the new direction the literary world is taking and delighted to be a part of it.  I am also pleased to see how well both worlds, that of the traditional publishers and actual books in hand, seem to blend seamless with the revolution of self-published books and eBooks.  How wonderful that the worlds, which would appear to be so different, actually compliment each other beautifully to the benefit of all involved.