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Revisions, Writing, and A Handful M&M's

Writing is process. I have heard this said more times than I can count and I sigh each time I hear it, nodding my head in knowing agreement. Over the long, arduous holiday season, not much time was left in my schedule for writing. Now, however, is the start of a new and ambitious year, with big changes in my life both personally and, hopefully, professionally.

As it sits now, I have two books which I have independently published, two rough drafts with an editor, and one rough draft just newly started. The two books I have independently published are in a state of revision. I am going through them, again, fixing little things that editors have recommended, along with things that I have wanted to tweak for quite a while. The rough drafts which are at the editor's will go through a simliar process when they return, but they, for now, are the editor's responsibility. As I go through the process of revising I am constantly reminded that I love writing. Actually writing. The revising, editing, everything else is what I do to enable me to write. It is truly the writing that I love. That being said, as you can imagine that makes revising, almost painful. Well, tedious to say the least.  This is where the handful of M&M's come in.

My daughter happens to love M&M's. It was she that informed me that they make anything better, even having to eat your vegetables. That got me thinking, if revising was so painful then perhaps M&M's could make it a bit better. Now I am by no means advocating gorging oneself on M&M's, but simply indulging in a handful, one small handful. So I tried it. I sat down, pulled up my book, plopped my tea down and lovingly cupped a bright pile of M&M's in my hand.  It was brilliant. Not only did the pages fly by, but I actually enjoyed re-reading and tweaking my book. I fixed things, read out, ate my candy, and got lost in the text and the taste. When I relayed this information to my mother, who hears much more than she would probably like about the writing process, she was not surprised. She pointed out that by bringing a little joy to the task I made it that much more pleasurable, or at least lessened the difficulty. She suggested that anything that was enjoyable, be it candy, or a good latte, or whatever it is makes something that is difficult a bit better. A little bit of joy is contagious and can make anything more fun.

So, with that in mind, I am off to work on revising, M&M's in hand, and I wish everyone a joyful, delicious day. 

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Coffee makes it more palatable for me, AJ ~

But I wholeheartedly agree with your concept.  Make a cup whenever a session is to start, or walk to a coffee shop to start one.  My XNOM2 (extra shot non-fat organic Mexican Mocha) has sustained me through many pages. (Junior Mints also work for me.) 

Great post.  Have a great year.  Cheers, M