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Reading and Writing

I have always been an avid reader, voraciously devouring every piece of literature I could get my hands on, from "The Great Gatsby" to "War and Peace" and everything in between.  I love classics and contemporary, mysteries, biographies, whimisical tales, and heart breaking autobiographies. I have always enjoyed getting lost in the pages of a book, my heart racing, soaring, or breaking with the characters as they embark on their adventure.  It is safe to say I have, and have always had, a great appreciation for books and reading.

This appreciation, however, has grown since I started writing myself.  A whole new dimension to the books I read has opened up to me.  Not only do I appreciate the tales for the experience they share with me, but I now have an appreciation for the quality of the writing itself.  I find wonder in the craft of writing.  The ins and outs of the writer's words, weaving a spell on the page, enveloping me and pulling me in, now holds a fascination for me.  I often will read a book twice, once for the experience the story and the second time for the appreciation of the craft, the work created. I love to learn from other writers, like a student watching a riding clinic, learning from the teacher as well as the other riders, soaking in the atmosphere, learning from the experience.  I have said before that reading helps my writing more than anything and I am finding that writing helps my reading as well, bringing to it a joy and an appreciation previously not experienced. Together, they form a wonderous circle, unending and beautiful, flowing uninterrupted through my mind and my heart.