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Self publishing is, as I have mentioned before, an adventure.  With my first book, I blundered about blindingly, publishing on a wing and a prayer.  Due to this fact, there were mistakes.  Mistakes with editing, formatting, and even some technical mistakes within the book that I failed to catch.  At the time it was exhilarating and terrifying at the same time, like riding a horse flat out across an open field, mane whipping in the wind about your face.  Hmmm, I can almost feel it now and I can't help but smile. I learned a tremendous amount along the way, and continue to do so every day.  Each day that I work on my writing, in whatever capacity I do so, be it marketing or editing or actually writing, I learn and I love that.  It is one of the things I find most endearing about writing and the whole process that surrounds it, including the publishing.


Now, I am on the brink of self publishing my second book.  I have the ISBN numbers (which is a drama worthy in and off itself!) and the synopsis, the covers, and the websites from which I want to publish it.  I even have a resource to have the books printed as well as publishing them as eBooks.  Once again I find myself excited and frightened, about to leap off the cliff of having a work to myself and putting it out there for the world to enjoy (hopefully)!  This time, however, I find another emotion swirling within me, impatience.  While I wait for books to get uploaded and available for sale, printed copies to be printed and sent for approval, and links to become active, I find myself getting restless.  It seems everything depends on something else to get done.  I have to wait for the book to go live before actually announcing it.  Before I announce it I would like to build a Facebook page for it, but I can't do that before a link is generated.  I have so much more that I want to do for this book, which in turn will hopefully help sales of "A Convoluted Tale" as well.  I am excited, but also impatient, nervous energy makes my leg bounce up and down as I write this.  I am eager to get this book out, but cautious in that I don't hurry the process.  I want everything to be just right, but I also want it done.  I have new ideas flickering in the back of my mind like headlights in a rear view mirror, reminding me they are back there and are coming up fast, in their own type of hurry.  Stories that are desirous to be told, and anxious that I get to it, also contribute to the crescendo of impatience I'm feeling.


Once again I am reminded, however, that writing is continually teaching me.  The lesson of patience is one I have been trying to learn for most of my life, perhaps it took writing to teach it to me. 

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Almost akin to the waiting

Almost akin to the waiting game of giving birth. Good luck with your venture. I admire your tenacity and self belief. m

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Thank you!

I agree completely!  I have had three children and as soon as I read your comment it hit home!  That excitement and bouncy, can hardly wait feeling is much like expecting a baby.  Thank you for your well wishes and your comment.  I appreciate them both very much!  You made my day! :)