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My favorite unlikely couple in literature...

I love a good challenge, of any sort, but especially I love the blog challenges Red Room puts out there. Not only are they facinating and fun, along with encouraging me to stretch my writing, but they also make me think about characters, literature, and writing in a new light.

My favorite, unlikely couple is, without a doubt, Daisy and Gatsby, from "The Great Gatsby". This may seem a bit unoriginal right now as the movie is out and it is once again popular but to be honest from the first moment I read about them at fifteen, they have been my favorite couple, unlikely or not.

Their love, their relationship, their hearts, make them, to me much more than a couple. They are a dream, a vision not only of love, but of the actual American dream.  Daisy was, of course, the love of Gatsby's life, but not only that, but the embodiment of his dream. It is a relationship that transcends time, social classes, the structure of society, and flies on the wings of passion, heart, and an almost heavenly faith.

To say that Gatsby and Daisy are unlikely as a couple would be an understatement of tremendous proportions. She, from the upper crust of Louisville society, untouchable, delicate, breathtaking. He, from the bottom rungs of society on a no name town on the border of a great lake.  His desire, not only for her, but for a better life is inspiring and entrancing and drives the reader to believe in things they may not believe in anymore, if they ever did. Gatsby and Daisy have a love so pure, that even when real life intervenes and shatters their dreams, its irridescent light remains like some sort of glowing spectre, imprinted within the pages of the book, the heart of the reader, and the sands of time.