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Exploring Publishing A Bit More

Yesterday a very good friend of mine called and gave me the name of a publisher that may be looking for new talent.  Immediately my heart began to beat a little faster and I began to envision a brilliant relationship with a publisher that would allow my work to reach a much broader range of people than I have, as of yet, been able to reach. 

Self publishing has brought with it a plethora of emotions.  I love having a hand in every aspect of my work.  I love the writing, the creating of covers, the tweaking, and yes, even the editing (although not as much as the writing)! It is also a tremendous challenge and extremely frustrating at times.  It is very difficult to get my name, and my books, out there and to reach beyond a limited, local circle.  I know I have discussed the traditional publishing versus self publishing topic before, but now more than ever I feel the draw of both options.

In addition, as I am embarking on writing not just my third novel, but also a children's book, complete with illustrations, I am finding I am a bit over my head in terms of putting it together and polishing my projects.  Not to mention I will hopefully have four books out then which will all require promoting and maintaining while I embark on new projects.  It would be wonderful to have the help of a traditional publisher to guide me and open new doors.

So the debate and adventure continues! I continue my path of self publishing, while also keeping an open and hopeful mind toward the traditional publishing world. Onward and upward with the day!