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Review of "Sardinian Silver" by Raymond Teodo of Mind Fog Reviews
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Raymond Teodo
Mind Fog Reviews

A. Colin Wright has a gift for being able to describe the setting in such a way so that the reader can imagine himself/herself being there. What is even more interesting is that he explains in the Afterword that he had actually been to Sardinia for a time, and had seen the very things he was describing in his book. The reader can be assured that he/she is reading a highly accurate depiction of Sardinia in the 1960's.

What is the genre of the book? I would say Romance/Historical Fiction. Romance, because there is no mistaking in the text that Arthur is on a search for love, as well as a journey of self-discovery. Historical Fiction, because the author seems to have done his research on Sardinian history, which is referred to every now and then in the book.

Sardinian Silver is a tale of love, life, and self-discovery. It explores the moral and social dilemmas that plague our society today. A. Colin Wright addresses these issues in an interesting way through the main character and his journey through Sardinia.

Wright's uncanny ability to “transport” his readers into the action by vividly describing the Sardinian countryside also makes this book an interesting read. I would recommend this book to anyone who is into a good romance novel.

*** 3½ Stars
Raymond Teodo
Mind Fog Reviews