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Apex review by Linda Waterson
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Linda Waterson
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Sardinian Silver
Anthony Colin Wright
ISBN: 9780595481002
Reviewed By Linda Waterson

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When Arthur arrives in Sardinia, he quickly finds it to be his version of
heaven on earth. From the scenery to the native customs to the folkways and
mores of the local residents, the idyllic island has everything his heart could ever
ask for - that is, until he meets the enchanting Anna, a breathtaking beauty who
soon becomes the sole focus of his existence.

Convinced that marrying a Sard girl would be the culmination of his living
fantasy, Arthur decides to pursue Anna - albeit cautiously - by using his best friend
to send a special gift to her; however, when his plan backfires and Anna instead
falls for his friend, his compulsive obsession with her only grows, setting off a
prolonged - and often hilarious - series of misadventures centered on his
unwavering determination to finally find true love.

Sardinian Silver is an engaging, entertaining read. In it, author Anthony
Colin Wright uses powerful imagery and a vivid cast of characters to bring a
compelling story of love - both sought and lost - to impressive life. Wright’s
depictions of Sardinia and its lush, flowing features is enough to make the reader
pine for an extended stay, and the sheer earnestness of Arthur’s ill-fated pursuits is
sure to spark the flames of nostalgic passion in many a lovelorn soul.

A compelling testament to the true power of persistence, Sardinian Silver
is a sobering, yet amusing reminder of the emotional fragility that lies within us all.
Highly recommended.