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What happens next?
A young Englishman in Sardinia finds it difficult to overcome local customs and find a Sard girl-friend.


A. Colin Wright talks about his future plans.

Well, it is gratifying that some people are reading me on Authors Den and have ordered my novel. I have, however, other things I want to get published and performed.


I have been writing for many years and, apart from a major academic books, academic articles and about twenty short stories, have always just failed to make it into the publishers' lists. Lots of nice letters, but "unfortunately this doesn't meet our current needs."


So what I hope for next:


1. Publication of a collection of my short stories (some of which have appeared on this site.)

2. Publication of another longer and more ambitious novel, fantasy or reality: the reader must decide.

3. Performance (which always takes place before publication) of my nine plays. (I would have included some of these on this site, but there is nowhere to put them. They are all described at www.acolinwright.ca.)

4. Hopefully, a movie option for Sardinian Silver: well, I think it might lend itself to this.


5. More writing, of course.


All of which is to try finally, after all too many years, to get to become an established writer.


Coming soon: what you can do to help.