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Susan VanHecke's Books

Taut free verse tells the little-known story of the first contraband camp of the Civil War—seen by some historians as the "beginning of the end of slavery in America." One night in 1861, three escaped slaves made their way from the Confederate line to a Union-held fort. The runaways were declared "contraband of war" and granted protection. As word spread, thousands of runaway...
Take a behind-the-scenes-tour of some of America's best-known musical instrument manufacturers, from Zildjian cymbals and Fender guitars to Steinway pianos, Ludwig drums, Moog synthesizers, and more. Packed with exciting photos and fascinating info, Raggin' Jazzin' Rockin' offers a backstage look at the enterprising individuals – many of whom weren't even musicians themselves – who...
For Dean Kohler, a teenage soldier in Vietnam, the best way to shield himself from the horrors of combat is to play some rock and roll. So, right there, in-country, Dean and three of his fellow khaki-clad musicians-in-arms form a fully functional, touring rock combo that entertains thousands of U.S. troops during the darkest moments of the war. Rock 'N' Roll Soldier: A Memoir is...
An Apple Pie for Dinner
Picture book retelling of an English folk tale in which kind old Granny Smith swaps her way from plums to apples for a delicious pie.  Includes kid-friendly apple pie recipe.  Illustrated in 3-D mixed-media art by Carol Baicker-McKee.
As a friend and cohort of some of rock music's biggest legends - The Who, Rod Stewart and The Faces, The Rolling Stones, The Eagles, Joe Walsh and many others - photographer Tom Wright was given unparalleled access to almost every aspect of the musicians' lives, on and off stage. With a foreword by The Who's Pete Townshend, Raising Hell is a compilation of Wright's groundbreaking...
As a friend and cohort of some of rock music's biggest legends - the Who, Rod Stewart and the Faces, the Rolling Stones, the Eagles, Joe Walsh and the James Gang, and many others- photographer Tom Wright was given unparalleled access to almost every aspect of the musicians' lives, on- and offstage. Roadwork, co-written with Susan VanHecke and with a foreword by the Who's Pete...
Colonial Place and Riverview: 100 Years of History
Since their early 20th-century beginnings as streetcar suburbs of Norfolk, Virginia, the adjoining historic neighborhoods of Colonial Place and Riverview have evolved into a vibrant, active community that a diverse citizenry now calls home. Colonial Place and Riverview: One Hundred Years of History, an elegant hardcover volume, beautifully captures the neighborhoods' fascinating...
Three Steps To Heaven
Outrageously talented, remarkably handsome, internationally renowned, and dead at the age of 21. More than 40 years after the tragic car crash that killed him, Eddie Cochran remains one of rock 'n' roll's most lamented what ifs. A trailblazing guitarist, gifted vocalist, hit-making composer and arranger, and budding whiz-kid producer, Cochran quickly ascended from Midwestern...
Race With The Devil
Gene Vincent - most famous for his classic 1956 single "Be-Bop-A-Lula" - is one of the most influential rock 'n' roll artists of all time. Race With The Devil is the first American biography of this musical pioneer, and the most comprehensive survey ever written of Vincent's groundbreaking career and turbulent personal life. Penned with a novelistic intensity, Race With...