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It is early March here and the small mammals that hide out during the worst of winter are awake.  I went to let my dog out the other day only to see something odd in the distance.  It seemed an undulating mass was trolling a mud puddle.  Upon concentrated observation, the mass appeared to be two...
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This week, we were supposed to blog about a major loss we had suffered.  Well, I am not quite prepared to bare my soul to that extent.  It did get me thinking, however, about other losses.  For example, I have had dogs since I was four years old.  The first thing I did when I got my own place was...
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Texas Rat Snake
When I sit down to write, I am not terribly creative.  I write nonfiction and the facts are pretty much the way they are.  That said, there is the little matter of deciding what facts to use and writing them in an accessible manner.  That is the hard part. Most of the really hard work on my blog...
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Mi-Ste's Lambda's Amber Wave 2000-2010
I believe I have come up with a solution to the energy crisis.  We should harness the energy of a litter of puppies.  As I write, I have six in all matter of whirling dervish activities.  They dash off together and apart, wrestling, tugging, climbing, and playing in other ways.  Then, all at once,...
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