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Perhaps the greatest ancient book of strategy ever written was by one of the world's greatest swordsmen and warriors, Miyamoto Musashi. Born in imperial times of Japan, his work, The Book of Five Rings, is unarguably one of the most revered and studied books of strategy in the modern world. A...
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We have all been taught by well-meaning and not so well-meaning people throughout the ages that enlightenment is the true answer for coming to terms with all of the presupposed realities we will ever encounter. In the books we have read, the stories we have heard, and the spiritual suppositions...
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I have long pondered the ideas of redemption and salvation: sin and forgiveness. In spite of the vast amount of religious ideals and other faith-based ideologies, it is significantly rare that there has ever been a substantial and realistic result other than asking and begging forgiveness from the...
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Recently, I have been accused of being an elitist and that I don't evidence myself with enough humility and humbleness. I do understand and accept the need to maintain an open society for professionals and amateurs in all disciplines and I am all in favor of this, despite the internet being a forum...
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As a successful writer having been involved with the craft for many years, I have always wanted to earnestly understand what it is that I am doing. I have searched for definitions and have done much study of what I would deem realistic to enable myself to identify my own work. This is what I have...
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In keeping with my spirited attitude of continued work, I have been awarded a most prestigious recognition from the World Professional Martial Arts Organization. I am honored to accept this award for World's Foremost Martial Arts Master Author. Link to press release: http://www.prlog.org/12068326-...
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Having recently reread my Book of Five Rings, I was excited at having discovered new perspectives of the ancient teachings that Musashi put forward. That said, the "young" should be directed to examining their own motives before assuming understanding via intellectual ping pong. It takes many years...
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For those of you who have been following my Self-Revealization Acceptance™ articles in Kinetics Magazine, I am featured on the cover of this month's issue (Nov/Dec 2012), along with both a written and an audio interview by the publisher of the magazine, Kathryn Peters-Brinkley, who is the author of...
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I am happy to announce that my new book, The Way of the Modern Warrior, is now available as hardcopy and Kindle editions on Amazon. Below is an excerpt from the book's Intro. Anyone who creates and maintains any higher ideal in and of their own self may be considered a samurai. A samurai, male or...
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We live the major part of our lives under the constant pressure of things we create for ourselves based on misconceptions. Until clarity of purpose becomes a determining factor in our own experiences, others will have our tacit permission to create “things” that control significant parts of our...
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             It is amazing that in the times we are living there seems to be no control being exercised on the so-called leaders of the major world governments: all of them trying to rattle their swords as major world powers because they...
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For those of you who have been following my Self-Revealization Acceptance articles in Kinetics Emag, here is the link for the July/August issue. http://www.kineticsmag.com/issue/2012JulAug/pg5.php For more info on the author, visit: http://www.hanshi.com
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This is not a confusing issue. It does, however, entail certain ideas and responsibilities that the majority of heads of schools generally do not understand. It does not simply suggest that anyone who thinks they have practiced for a period of time is neither capable nor qualified to create their...
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It's been a busy couple of weeks with magazine articles and interviews. I was recently interviewed by Hanshi Frank Dux, world wide martial arts champion and Hollywood celebrity. Included with the interview are snippets of my published books. You can view the entire article at http://www....
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  I am pleased to be associated with the ATTU (American Temple Training Union) team that includes Sha Poe Ryu Anthony Elam, Founder and Publisher, Mr, Nikko Gutierrez, Vice-president, and all of the associates involved with the fine effort being demonstrated by the quality of the output and...
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