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I can't say I'm exactly drowning in daffodils, and I don't have much of a green thumb.  My most recent experience with "raising green" has been a tiny Turf n' Tin. My sister actually swiped it from a booth at a career fair for engineers at her university. Okay, she didn't "swipe" it exactly....
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There's nothing like earning the respect of a ninth grader, even if it means doing something courageously stupid. Fall season had fell over Jessamine county and usually that meant the Invasion of the Scarecrows Festival. It began as a bucolic tourist trap our town "borrowed" from...
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Hi there!   I'm E.D. Wilson, but you can call me Ed. I've seen this site around for awhile and always thought to myself, "Maybe I should join?" Well, here I am! Okay, I'll try to type with more tempered enthusiasm. I'm just now realizing this probably isn't too exciting to read. Anyways...
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