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Nice short profile on Phoenix TV.  There is one glaring error at the end, however.  It says I am the first "hua ren" (ethnic Chinese) to be admitted to the Writers' Guild of America.  I sincerely doubt that. 
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A U.S. trailer for "The Flowers of War," based on my work, has just been released. It reveals more of the story than the Chinese trailer does: http://youtu.be/5w9B7AidyaU I don't know of any other place where this is trailer is posted, so apologies to those trying to view this in China, where...
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Short feature on Yan Geling in Chinese on Beautiful Life TV, October 19, 2009. It mainly covers a Chinese-language talk she gave in Taipei in April 2009. Full recorded text of that talk is available in the "audio" section of her Redroom profile.