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Celebrating National Poetry Month, Sandra Beasley offers a fortune-cookie guide to the ways of poetry. Beasley is the author of I WAS THE JUKEBOX: POEMS (W. W. Norton, 2010), winner of the Barnard Women Poets Prize. For more info visit www.sandrabeasley.com
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Sandra Beasley reads "Love Poem for Los Angeles" from I WAS THE JUKEBOX, winner of the 2009 Barnard Women Poets Prize, selected by Joy Harjo and published by W. W. Norton. For more information visit www.sandrabeasley.com
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After the sudden loss of her only child, Mary Baxter joins a knitting circle in Providence, Rhode Island, as a way to fill the empty hours and lonely days. The women welcome her, each teaching Mary a new knitting technique and, as they do, revealing their own personal stories of loss, love, and...