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Appearance on Meet the Author, January 2013 Let's talk about publishing stresses and successes! Updates on my recent assignments for The Writer magazine, including author websites, short story market trends and maintaining sanity in the crazy, new publishing world. Learn how to...
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It’s an office tour! See where I write, meet the literary kitties, and get a glimpse of the things that surround me as I work, from books (and more books!) and other research materials to a human jawbone, various Appalachian and Arctic souvenirs, and ABBA clogs. (Yes, clogs.)
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The birth of this book: a visit to my doctor's office. Sometimes it pays to pick up an old magazine and flip through it....
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This interview was featured during Romance Week, an event hosted by Knit, Purl, Stitch...Read and Cook! (knitpurlstitch.blogspot.com) and Snowdrop Dreams of Books (snowdropdreams.blogspot.com) February 7-14!
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This is the fourth in a series of five videos in which Diane answers some of the questions she's frequently asked by her readers and aspiring writers.
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Amber Benson talked to Elizabeth Amber at New York Comic Con 2009 about how to take constructive criticism and use blogging to get valuable feedback on your writing.