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Here's another one-minute typewritten movie by children's and young adult author, Lynn E. Hazen. Lynn briefly describes why she loves reading and writing children's books. http://www.vimeo.com/3375553
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http://vimeo.com/3375553 Children's & YA Author, Lynn E. Hazen briefly interviews super librarian, Betsy Bird at the 2008 Kidlitosphere Conference in Portland, Oregon. Betsy discusses the term "KidLit" in this 78 second typewritten movie. Betsy Bird Talks "KidLit" at the 2008 KidLitosphere...
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http://vimeo.com/1419898 In this "Less Than a Minute" video, children's and Y.A. author Lynn Hazen, once again visits her good friend and fellow author, Ellen Yeomans on the farm. Craft techniques such as good dialogue, character motivation, subtext, and changing story value are demonstrated by a...