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From Pacific Northwest's award-winning author Kaylin McFarren comes a powerful novel about love, loss, and the power of forgiveness... Successful yet emotionally stifled artist Kate Flaherty stands at the deathbed of her estranged father, conflicted by his morphine-induced confession exposing his...
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A fiercely honest yet faithful meditation on the hard learned faith lessons that accompany tragedy in this case, the death of Candi Pearson Sheltons 23 year old brother to cancer. Desperate Hope Candi Pearson Shelton Book Trailer Find out more about this author here http://www.candilion.com/ Find...
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A poem recorded for Lost in Translation mixtape 2009, putting emphasis on the hardships endured by the people on the streets in Zimbabwe. Emphasis put on the fact that Africa is still not moving ahead in pushing the Mugabe regime into lightning the burden of their people..
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The following is a picture vid I threw together for a track titled WoW (Woman of War) from my poetry/hip hop mixtape recorded in December 2008 & released for FREE DOWNLOAD on the internet on 30th January 2009. The track tells the story of a group of young men escaping political prosecution...
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In a festival screening, a movie audience is surprised to find itself before a film that shows precisely... a static movie audience! How long will these people put up with the Mirror?