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Rory McGraths life changed the night he uncovered the secrets of the ancient Book of Fennore. Then the dreams begin of a woman whose touch is more real that any hes known. Rory is plunged back in time and into the body of another man betrothed to the very woman of Rorys dreams. Her hold on Rory is...
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http://www.lisawingate.com Inspirations from Grandma Rose-Time Time is so invisible, you never see it passing.--Grandma Rose "And now, looking through the tunnel of these many years, I can see what in my youth I could not--that time is a limited and precious gift."--Grandma Rose Motivational Video...
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A composed piece!
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Stacey T Pollock takes a look at perception through dimension of space.
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Tired of feeling like your sex life has become boring? Frustrated that your sex drive isn't what it used to be? Do you really understand what your body needs to be sexually satisfied? If you are like most women, figuring out exactly how to spice up your sex life can feel intimidating. Patty Brisben...
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An intimate, harrowing, and revelatory chronicle of how one woman with a profound belief in people's ability to change is transforming the San Francisco jails-the monster factories- and the criminals incarcerated there. Sunny Schwartz, a nationally recognized expert in criminal justice reform, has...