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Rick Sheppard of NTJ Morning Magazine inteviews me about The Superhero Book: The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Comic-Book Icons and Hollywood Heroes.
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CBC Radio interviews Canadian writer, Sharif Khan, author of the inspirational book, Psychology of the Hero Soul, on the hero mindset, and profiles the remarkable stories of community heroes making a difference. (Podcast).
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Cobalt City fictioneers gather again to provide stories of superheroes from the city's fabled past. This anthology of shared world fiction plays with the superhero genre, and proves you can tug on the cape, spit in the wind, and have a very good time.
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Red Room author Alan Black brings a haunting voice to passages of Ivory Madison's noir-feminist-superhero graphic novel.
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Gina Misiroglu speaks about heroes and villains on Montreal's "Holder Tonight" CJAD800 Talk Radio, December 17, 2006.