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Easter, 1872. Fires burn in St Petersburg, a prelude to the revolutionary turmoil that will shake Russia a generation later. As the springtime thaw begins, a body rises to the surface of the Winter Canal. Following an anonymous tip-off, magistrate Porfiry Petrovich is drawn into an investigation of...
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A reading from my latest Porfiry Petrovich mystery, A Razor Wrapped in Silk.
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R.N. Morris reads an extract from his latest historical mystery, A RAZOR WRAPPED IN SILK.
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The trailer for my new novel, due to be released in April 2010.
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Hailed with glowing reviews , R. N. Morris’s The Gentle Axe borrowed Porfiry Petrovich of Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment to create a wholly new, hauntingly authentic novel of suspense. A Vengeful Longing, Petrovich’s next outing, is even more engrossing. As the laconic investigator follows a...