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This is a spoken word piece that I recorded to music.
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"An Angel for New Orleans" was written as the full magnitude of the Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita disasters first unfolded. With pen in hand, as we say, I sat watching the news, crying, and scribbling out my pain, fear, and prayers. This subsequent spoken word recording was included on the "...
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Spoken Word!
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Clive reads the first song of Chalcedony's First Ten Songs on Mystic Babylon Poetry Podcast TV. Don Linker plays harp and John Rhodes is the producer. The entire podcast is on this site: http://mysticbabylon.podomatic.com
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Sha Rene' a singer/songwriter who is famous for her 12" dance single, "I'm Good for You" in the late 80's combines her music and Spoken Word Poetry in her new CD. Like Prince coined the phrase, MUSICOLOGY, Sha Rene's project is called, "MUSICOETRY." The words are from her poems in her new book, "...
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devorah major with Opal Palmer Adisa on Daughters of Yam "The Tongue is a Drum" cd. Babatunde Lea, drums, Richard Howell, saxophone, Kash Killion, cello. Arranged by Michelle Jacques.
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Poem from Quark Soup read by Magdalena Ball
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"Karna Considers Yuanfen" from the Karna trilogy. Originally a character from the Mahabharata (a Hindu epic) who was the illegitimate child of a princess and the god of the sun, he was known for his superhuman generousity -- a trait that would cost him tragically. In my work, I have...