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"Don't let perfect get in the way of progress," says Tara Agacayak, of GlobalNiche.net.  In this video, Tara talks about our guiding principle of "polishing in public" -- putting our work out into the public sphere even though it's not exactly how we'd like it to be. Production values not the...
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Anastasia Ashman, cofounder of GlobalNiche.net, talks about digital literacy and how it's about creating a system that works for you to master the influx and outgo of information. Apologies to Clay Shirky for the misspelling! This is part of GlobalNiche's program.  GlobalNiche equips...
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  Anastasia Ashman, cofounder of GlobalNiche.net, talks about testing the waters of your social media circles with small shares of your content, opinions, commentary.  This is part of GlobalNiche's program.  GlobalNiche equips individuals and groups to build global community &...
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  GlobalNiche.net's GIFT TO HELP YOU DO IT YOUR WAY: a 45-minute video workshop of solid basics for beginners & fresh perspective for intermediates    "Before I watched this video workshop I felt I couldn't catch up. Tara's personable style and the way she describes social...
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Ivory Madison, CEO of Red Room, a social media and sales platform for successful authors, gave this talk, titled "Bonfire of the Vanity Metrics," at The Lean Startup Conference in San Francisco in December, 2012. "Vanity Metrics" are numbers that look good, but are irrelevant, like your number of...
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Does some part of your life fit like a too-tight jacket? Stopping you from breathing free, feeling confident and doing what you want?  We know what it's like to want a better fit. It's why we created the GlobalNiche empowerment network and our SUM-it UP program shows you a practice of...
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Book Promo 201 is the second book in the Promo 101 series. In Book Promo 101 I wanted to help people lay a great foundation for their promotional efforts, help you learn what promotion is, develop the marketing mindset and we talked about many traditional forms of promotion. If you aren't familiar...
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Hal discusses the shift from Pop Culture to Peep Culture
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A video for people who wonder why blogs are such a big deal, explained visually. One of my favorites.