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In appreciation for establishing the "Distinguished Writer In Residence Fund" for Spaulding University MFA in Writing Program. 
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Watch Ananda Leeke give her talk "Digital Sisterhood: A Self-Care, Self-Discovery, and Social Justice Movement for Women in Social Media" at the Ignite Speakers Night sponsored by Social Justice Camp II: The Empowered Are Back on January 21, 2011, at St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Washington, DC....
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It’s a total surprise when 40-something Allison Chamberlain feels a divine nudge to buy a Harley motorcycle and go wherever it takes her. Soon she finds herself in the darkest corners of society, experiencing the heartache of the poor. Will she discover that healing comes through the voice of God...
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In this fast-paced, sexually charged thriller, a newly appointed judge is caught up in a gritty case involving a brutally murdered woman as well as a blackmail scheme involving an overzealous femme fatale determined to sleep her way to the top of Detroit's society page. Detroit was once considered...
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This is a clip from The Pathology of Privilege: Racism, White Denial & the Costs of Inequality, the newly released video from the Media Education Foundation. The video is of a speech given by Tim Wise at Mt. Holyoke College, October 1, 2007. To purchase the full video from which this clip comes...
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This is Tim Wise's opening statement during a November 2007 debate on affirmative action, held in New York City at the Asia Society. The debate, sponsored by Intelligence-squared and the Rozencranz Foundation, featured three debaters on each side of the topic: Resolved: It's time to end affirmative...
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This is a presentation on institutional racism and white privilege, delivered by TIm Wise at the University of Michigan, in January, 2007.