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An audio podcast of a short-short titled 600 Seconds. Imagine if you will, the last ten minutes of your life...
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A short story by Ericka Lutz, read by the author. A teenage girl loves an autistic boy. Landslides. Earth movements. From the short story collection San Andreas, Short Fiction on Shaky Ground. Rated R.
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Short story "How I Became My Father" by A.S. King, broadcast on Lit103.3, Valley Free Radio, WXOJ, Northampton, MA, May 27th and June 3rd, 2008. Read by host Alan Vogel. This podcast has been altered from the original show. The original broadcast in its entirety can be found HERE.
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Short story read by the author, Ericka Lutz. Note: I "borrowed" the oxtail recipe in this story from my own grandmother and gave it to my protagonist in this story. The oxtail recipe is here. Try it. Enjoy!
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  View Video: http://ia300212.us.archive.org/3/items/MontgomeryCollegePphiInterviews/j_tomlin/video.html
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Adam Berkman just moved into a new apartment in the suburbs with his girlfriend. So what happens when he finds a small furry creature with big teeth in his dumpster?