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A short video showing how we actually live here in Northeastern Brazil. Made with videos and stills from cheap cameras and Final Cut Express.
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Style meets substance in this lavishly illustrated highly informative and beautifully designed book on sustainable fashion and beauty. Summer Rayne Oakes fashion model eco advocate and resident expert on ?Treehugger.com and Discovery Network's Planet Green shows how to make informed choices when...
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Carlos Frías, an award-winning journalist and the American-born son of Cuban exiles, grew up hearing about his parents' homeland only in parables. Their Cuba, the one they left behind four decades ago, was ethereal. It existed, for him, only in their anecdotes, and in the family that remained in...
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Shopping for that perfect New Year's Resolution
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Many have argued that the true spirit of Christmas is not giving, but consumerism in which corporations delude us into buying what ever it is they have to sell. I actually don't think consumption and consumerism are inherently bad things. There are billions of people living in poverty where...