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Video Trailer features a variety of books I write with a great music backdrop and wolves howling and big cats roaring. If you want to "hear" what would happen if the wolves and jaguars get together in a future story...this is what it sounds like.
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In the heat of the jungle, jaguars are clawed, dangerous, and hungry for love. With hopes of overcoming night terrors and thanking the man who saved her life, Kathleen McKnight returns to the Amazon. A jaguar at heart, Connor Anderson doesn't just protect her, but wants to claim her for his own.
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The Ketchikan Man Will be released in September of 2011 by eTreasures Publishing
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Marked by a demon shapeshifter, Denise turns to Master vampire Spade for help. Spade swore never to fall for a human again, but Denise is too tempting to resist. Once the demons hold over Denise is revealed, however, even Spade might not be able to save her. First Drop of Crimson Jeaniene Frost...