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One of the challenges with a series that’s been around as long as Cat-Tales is introducing new people without overwhelming them with it’s length. Introducing The Walapang Protocol, it’s not just a free pass into the Batcave, it’s a way to meet characters one by one, in bite size snippets that...
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"The stories about Catwoman are getting out of hand."Selina Kyle has been more than patient about tabloids like the Gotham Post making up stories about Catwoman to sell papers.  But when they decide she's been captured - not even by Batman but in some low rent police sting - enough is enough....
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Previously on Cat-Tales:All emotion had drained from Batman’s eyes, leaving only a gaze of focused control and icy detachment.  It held for a heartbeat, then the ice melted and emotion slowly returned… and with it, a long, slow smile of deep and quiet menace. “Not green for the opera,”...