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I get to choose what I believe and that made me start wondering if bacteria might also be fairy godmothers in disguise.
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Dr. Michael Provitera creates a new word. The new word is "Motrapreneur." This is the first of a host of videos for his book "Mastering Self-Motivation." This video covers the book's introduction and chapter one of the book.
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Consciously or unconsciously you are always doing the law of attraction. What you want to manifest is the dream of Beneficial Law of Attraction. Now you can utilize these state of the art manifestation techniques to attract and retain a reality having durability; lasting benefits spanning this life...
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The third annual National Conference on Positive Aging is coming to Eckerd College next week. WUSF's Susan Giles Wantuck spoke to George H. Schofield, PhD, a researcher, author and expert in transformative learning. He's speaking at the conference on Monday December 7. The conference will focus on...
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Barbara Hart and her self help books.
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WINNER OF SIX NATIONAL AWARDS– Memoir, Self-help, Spirituality, New Age. Join Sandy Nathan as she packs a metaphorical RV and heads across the spiritual landscape. From a Native American retreat, finding her roots in the Ozarks, to handling life at home. You'll find tips and wisdom to help you find...