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Original song by an American Soldier about what it really means to be an American Soldier. I own the rights to this song. And no, this is not a cover of the Toby Keith song, American Soldier. This is an original song, by an actual American Soldier. I was in the Army reserves for six yeas, and was...
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Clint was a rock climber, a multiple sclerosis (MS) patient, and future doctor. He didnt need anyone. Ursula, a survivor of South Africas apartheid, mesmerized Clint, and their marriage seemed inevitable. When Clints MS worsened, making climbing dangerous, Ursula helped teach him to climb mountains...
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June Carter was born in the rugged mountains of Maces Springs, Virginia, to Ezra and Maybelle Carter, pioneers of country music. On stage from a very young age, June found her niche in the spotlight with her vivacious personality and down-home sense of humor. Her confidence and spirit were what...
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Through exclusive photos and personal stories, former US manager of Apple Records and Grammy Award winning producer Ken Mansfield offers a compelling memoir that delves into his life in the 1960s and '70s and his unique partnership with the Beatles and other musicians who orbited their world. As...
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The Suborbitals - "Sub" from their 2006 debut album Blackout Rolling. Goatfish Johnson, Vocals, GuitarAloysius J. Pheatherbotham III, BassFendel Yonkers, Vocals, DrumsPetonciano de Fiasco, Saxophones, FluteErhman Hall, Vocals, Guitar, Pelvic Thrusts Visit www.suborbitals.com or www....
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This is the hot new video about Going Nowhere Faster by the band Seeing For Miles. This song comes from their new album "The Dark Side Of The Room".