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Years ago, a girl was assaulted while onlookers did nothing. Now those witnesses are the victims. Homicide detective JD Fitzpatrick has never seen anything like the bodies turning up throughout the city and Dr. Lucy Trask, ME, is keeping secrets that might put her on the killer’s hit list. Learn...
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Last voyage in monk's robes. Anton was on the run for the past twenty years. Italy, Spain, Ireland, and now America. What is he running from? Two priests living in San Francisco, Father Dominic and Father Joe, had never heard of him, but the action starts with them. Interpol agents are pursuing...
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Love maybe the best revenge in this suspenseful, heart-pounding sequel to Hearts at Stake: The Drake Chronicles. Isabeau and Logan come from different worlds and warring clans, but are united by a common goal, vengeance...and their uncontrollable affection for each other. Action, humor and romance...
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Portia Townsend once nursed an intense crush on her childhood playmate, Gareth Lowell, until he shattered her hopes of a future together. Nine years later, shes in trouble. Alone and desperate, Portia must turn to the only man who can help. Even a devil deserves the love of a good woman. Learn more...
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William Peter Blatty has thrilled generations of readers with his iconic mega bestseller The Exorcist. Now Blatty gives us Dimiter, a riveting story of murder, revenge, and suspense. Laced with themes of faith and love, sin and forgiveness, vengeance and compassion. Find out more here- http://...
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Tolmitch Productions presents Leading Lady, a dramatized audiobook with an ensemble cast and original music. Starring Richard Portnow and Beege Barkette.Written and directed by Heywood Gould. On a gray winter’s day in New York a motley group of strangers are thrust together. They are: An escaped...