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I wrote about Nicholas before. His family surrendered him to Howling Woods Farm, a domestic-bred wolf and wolfdog rescue about two years ago. They claimed he was a wolfdog. It turned out Nick was not a wolfdog, but he was afraid and poorly socialized. The combination of fear and uncertainty made...
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I've been busy gathering inspirational stories from people who've had healing, moving and spiritual encounters with “wolfers”, domestic-bred wolves and wolf dogs, for my book, Wolfer Magic.   I've met so many people around the world with some awesome stories since I started the Wolfer...
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Ishta is a very shy, traumatized domestic bred wolf rescue. All animals are different, so this is not a guide to socialization. But, my daughter had the magic Ishta needed. Prior to this video, Ishta would take a treat, but immediately ran away to avoid being touched. We gave her some adjustment...
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Bryan Caleb has just died. But he is not finished with life just yet. There is unfinished business. Even as he struggles with his own mortality Bryan must help guide Lisa Zane, an emotionally and spiritually drained young girl, through her troubled life to find her true purpose. Learn more about...
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Meet the stars of DogTown If you love dogs, youll love these remarkable tales of rescue, rehabilitation and redemption, beginning with Georgia, one of the Michael Vick dogs, who was given a second chance at Best Friends, the largest no kill animal sanctuary in the U.S. DogTown Second Chances...