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Book Trailer for Magdalena Ball's new book Black Cow. "How to live well has always been the question. Perhaps even more so in our complex modern world. Black Cow is a novel of our time. We follow the characters through all the compromises, adjustments and hard choices that must be made in...
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Recessions Make Millionaires - David Bach: Start Over, Finish Rich. Know your strategy to get out of debt. Know the new rules and the new laws. A small, condensed and powerful instruction guide easy to follow and no nonsense language to help you get back on track. 10 simple steps. Not only can you...
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A successful sales executive finds himself at the center of a financial collapse, watching everything fall apart around him. Framed for depletion of bank accounts throughout the USA, he is pursued, beginning a 48 hour ride for his life. He begins to learn what is most important in his life. Falling...
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You know that guest editorial I did for oneminutehowto.com. Looks like I'll be taking my own advice News: DIC T-Shirts, Hats, bags, stuff - Check Out the “Sweet” Shop . For a limited time, I am offering these goods at cost.  So get these goods before I mark them up. Support...