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Race and American History | Race and American History

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The Keepers of Love project has had an extraordinary year! Now we find ourselves at a significant moment in the making of the documentary, “Resurrecting Love: The Cemetery That Can Heal a Nation”. Our next step is to raise the needed funds to complete a ‘fine cut’ of the film and submit it to the...
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A brief background describing how I came to write 4 books on the lives and self-employment experiences of Chinese immigrants and their families in America running laundries, grocery stores, and restaurants.
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This is the first clip of three segments in which Paula Zahn explored "self segregation". The concept for the program was rather flawed and I'm not sure what you will learn by watching this--if anything. I however, learned many things by appearing on this show, none of them which have anything to...
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This is part of my Nov. 1 speech in Chicago, in which I discuss the clash of historical narratives on display between Barack Obama and Rev. Jeremiah Wright (the latter of whom was in the audience), and how that clash is at the heart of the nation's racial divide.