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Millie, Honey, and Honey's puppies are going to the lake, when they make a wonderful discovery! A traveling machine that takes them to Catatonia, a planet of felines. Where they enjoy an Incredible day at and out-of-this-world amusement park.
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Millie and Honey - The Incredible Instantaneous Interplanetary Adventure Volume I - CATATONIA Volume II - APPLEOPOLIS
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Animated version of Thomas Jefferson, and his thoughts on the modern tea party. Full transcription and quotation below: "Hello, my name is Thomas Jefferson. I am the third president of the United States, and I was the main writer of the Deceleration of Independence. I have heard that in present day...
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Join Marcelo as he learns to care for his brand new puppy and sets out to choose the perfect name for it. Crash! is available from the Publisher. Also on Fictionwise, Amazon and B&N. You can also order it from your favorite bookstore. The perfect gift to teach children about the responsibilites...