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Anastasia Ashman, cofounder of GlobalNiche.net, talks about digital literacy and how it's about creating a system that works for you to master the influx and outgo of information. Apologies to Clay Shirky for the misspelling! This is part of GlobalNiche's program.  GlobalNiche equips...
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You know you're the perfect candidate. We see it all the time: capable, talented, skilled people being overlooked. Maybe you're not getting hired or promoted, or asked to speak. It's because you aren't being recognized.  And it's why GlobalNiche.net has become...
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Career development is the most powerful yet neglected tool to drive retention, engagement, productivity, and results. Why neglected? Managers report not having time, for the meetings, forms, administrative hoops. But there’s a better, simpler way. Frequent short conversations...
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"Gnome, could you get that? Gnome!?"