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Who is Joan Cartwright? Jazz/Blues Musician & Vocalist @ www.joancartwright.com  Composer & Lyricist Author & Poet Herstorian @ www.lulu.com/spotlight/divajc Performer•Producer•Publisher @ www.fyicomminc.com Radio Show Host @ www.blogtalkradio.com/musicwoman Founder of Women in...
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I had wanted to make short documentaries for a while but that kind of project takes a crew.  Since my filmmaking buddies had just moved to Los Angeles, I was solo.  So I went smaller.  I decided to make a micro documentary.  I could make a very short film that takes a brief look...
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In her debut novel (The Perfect Reader/Pantheon :: Random House), Maggie Pouncey creates dense, witty language to reveal a character who discovers her father's life is multi-pronged. Like a fork with a twisted tine, this story sticks to a readers mind. We are looking forward to having Maggie...