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Joke about the OctoMom Nudya Suleman. I tried my hand at stand up comedy, and these are some of my jokes, for more and better jokes, please go to: www.MassCasualties.com
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Police Chief Brill Jessup is running from a death threat, and trying to help her pregnant daughter make decisions about the future in this heart-pounding suspense novel about a family in crisis. Find out more about this author here http://www.kathyherman.com/ Find out more about this book http://...
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A granola eating, carbon footprint conscious twenty something is forced to face her estranged relationship with her mother in this comic yet poignant novel about mothers and daughters. Stretch Marks Kimberly Stuart Book Trailer Find out more about this book and author here http://tinyurl.com/lomqsa...
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When a couple gets pregnant, typically, the first thing the mother-to-be does is rush out to the bookstore to buy the various pregnancy bibles.But how is the expectant father supposed to know what to expect? He could wait in the dark and take his cues from his partner, or he could prepare himself...